“MORE THAN THIS - Nivel: Mirrors”
led by Alain Allard and assisted by Sarah Pitchford
10-14 April, 2019 en Barcelona

5Rhythms® in process – an introduction to Perspectives, individual attention and group processes 

Mirrors & ego characters

We are essentially fluid beings constantly changing as we breathe and move through life, opening and closing, learning, forgetting, remembering. We can easily forget this though and lose our presence in fixed roles and seemingly solid identities …as if… we were objects untouched by feelings. Gabrielle, in her Mirrors mapping’ called these states “ego characters”.

We both fear and seek attention

Circumstance combined with our innate sensitivity often leads us, particularly in the company of others, to act …as if… we were these characters that we hide behind. Presenting ourselves in some way as if we have life nicely managed, we learn to become self limiting, hoping to be approved of, to be loved, hiding the very vulnerability which makes us “human” in the best possible sense, This humanity, which can so unite us, create community and deep empathy can, when fear arises become quickly covered over with judgment and isolation. We lose the ability to see and clearly feel the beauty behind the mask. We both fear and seek attention from “others”.

Individual attention and group processes

Using the Perspectives process which offers individual attention within careful group holding we can uncover more than these ego character styles, detaching from them, making them more visible for all to see, hold, respond to and release.

No participant is pushed, each one having the possibility to follow their own pace. We can witness ourselves as we are mirrored by others, embracing and embodying our own shapes and movements with the support of the group. We practise moving to reconnect to the core intelligence of body, breath and bone, so tapping in to a more universal intelligence that allows us to get better at seeing ourselves and others with delight and fascination. This work enables us to develop clearer perspective, compassion and respect for the Mystery and vulnerability that connects us all.

Dates: 10-14 April, 2019

This workshop will count as Mirror-level hours for the Teacher Training.
It will be taught in English without translation.

"La Caldera"
Eugeni d’ors, 12
08028- Barcelona
Tube Station: Les Corts (Green line, number 3)
Wednesday 10th April 14-18h
Thursday 11th April 10:30-18h
Friday 12th April 10:30-18h
Saturday 13th April 10:30 - 18h
Sunday 14th April 11 -16:30h

Earlybird price if booked and paid for in full before 26 February, 2019: 385€

Workshop Price after 26 February, 2019: 470€

Deposit: 125€ (Non-refundable deposit to secure your place).

Information and Bookings:

Leti: 5ritmos@danzando5ritmos.com
Phone: +34 675 437 397

“Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles
of unexplored wilderness.
I yearned to know what was going on in that wilderness,
not only in me, but in everyone else as well...
We dance to shed skins, tear off masks, crack molds,
and experience the breakdown – the shattering of borders
between body, heart and mind...”
- Gabrielle Roth -